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There are currently 1341 total fish in-game.

At any given time you can see the total number in-game and the total of how many one has caught by going to Fw.gif All of the Fish. Looking under the Speed.gif for each region of Farovia or Roperia lists all the remaining fish uncaught. Which now (as of June 2018) includes the 8 rare prize fish. To see the total list and number amount of each caught, go to My Profile on the right side in the Overall Catch Totals section, click on the View All of my Catches?


There are many types of fish that can be found throughout the Farovian seas, all of which are included in the list below. Many of these fish can only be found around certain islands and lists of each fish per island are also provided.

For each fish, the average weight and reward (in gold and sometimes points) of that fish is provided. Very occasionally, a wrangler may catch a very rare Trophy Fish - a fish that weighs considerably more than the standard catches of that type. These catches are worth much more gold and points than a normal catch. More details can be found in Trophy Fish.

Another way to increase the value of the catch is to catch the same fish in consecutive casts. These are referred to as Catching Streaks and more details can be found in Catching Streaks.

In addition to the average weight and reward of each fish, the minimum pole and minimum skill required to catch that fish is also provided (if known) and the rarity of that fish in each of the known habitats. If the minimum pole has a numbered level (e.g. a Putrid Fish requires a Level 10 or above Steam Powered Hydro-pole), then it can only be caught with that pole.

If there is no associated level on the stated pole (e.g. a Suave Fish requires a Steam Powered Hydro-pole) then it can be caught on that pole and (typically) stronger (in the Suave example, this would include the Sonar Pulverizer, the Spear Gun, and its upgrade and beyond). Sometimes the pole can be too powerful to catch a fish, for example it is not possible to catch the Miny Fish with a Sonar Pulverizer.

Lists of Farovian Fish[edit]

In the table below are links to lists of fish categorized by area and location. The table goes from right to left starting at the first row:

Area Location Area Location Area Location Area Location
Farovian Sea Waterport small.gif Waterport Farovian Sea Monsoon-lagoon small.gif Monsoon Lagoon Far East Lost-temple.gif Lost Temple Icelantica Glacier bay small.gifGlacier Bay
Fishertonville small.gifFishertonville Fahwahvia Wahwahport small.gif Wahwahport Fariana Trench? Fariana-trench small.gif Fariana Trench San digloo small.gif San Digloo
Blue crescent small.gif Blue Crescent Wahwahville small.gif Wahwahville Geminisles Poseidons ring small.gifPoseidon's Ring Lake freezberg small.gif Lake Freezberg
Magma reef small.gif Magma Reef Wahwah-crescent.gif Wahwah Crescent Misty cliffs small.gif Misty Cliffs Snowpeak river small.gifSnowpeak River
Sans culpra small.gif Sans Culpra Wahwah Reef small.gif Wahwah Reef Bottomless depths small.gifBottomless Depths Snowpeak summit small.gifSnowpeak Summit
Ten Year Storm Doom island small.gif Doom Island Shipwreck Explorer SS whiskey small.gif SS Whiskey Lucidia Preserve Guardians gate small.gifGuardians Gate Sig's Underwater Lab Sigs lair small.gif Sig's Lair
Stormy straight small.gif Stormy Straight SS minefield small.gif SS Minefield Coral lobby small.gif Coral Lobby Sigs vault small.gif Sig's Vault
Eye of storm small.gif Eye of the Storm SS graveyard small.gif SS Graveyard Heart land small.gif Heart Land Sigs wasteland small.gif Sig's Wasteland
Eldritch Islands Innsmouth-island.gif Innsmouth Island Big Love Island Red-love-bay.gif Red Love Bay eastern side Big Love Breakfast-bay small.gif Breakfast Bay secret Farovian Sea Waterpier small.gif WaterPier
Parribea Devils cove small.gif Devil's Cove Lover-s-lake.gif Lover's Lake Claustro-cave.gif Claustro Cave Fishertonburg small.gif Fishertonburg
Deadwater pass small.gif Deadwater Pass Heartbreak-falls.gif Heartbreak Falls   Blue-caldera small.gif Blue Caldera
Krakken rocks small.gif Krakken Rocks Rakkaus-tarn.gif Rakkaus Tarn  

Tables showing different views of these lists can be seen below:


There are many fish that can be caught in the Roperian waters.

List of Roperian Fish[edit]

In the table below are links to lists of fish categorized by area and location.

Area Location Area Location Area Location
Roperian Sea Santa Francesca small.gif Santa Francesca Zyrbelia Kingsland Confluence small.gif Kingsland Confluence Declination River Jettison Jetty.gif Jettison Jetty
New Seinborough small.gif New Seinborough Nizon River Mosquito Run.gif Mosquito Run Castout Creek.gif Castout Creek
Redwood Crescent small.gif Redwood Crescent Cadaver Expanse small.gifCadaver Expanse Burnout Bay.gif Burnout Bay
Asteroid Reef small.gif Asteroid Reef Sepulcro del sol.gif Sepulcro del Sol Icelantica Backside 51GS.gif Glacier Shack
Helvetica small.gif Helvetica Dodge River Coral Corral.gif Coral Corral Digloo-lodge.gif Digloo Lodge
Mount Promontory Perilimeter small.gif Perilimeter Amadahy Plains.gif Amadahy Plains Freezberg-brewhaus.gif Freezberg Brewhaus
Hexperiment small.gif Hexperiment Deadwater Saloon.gif Deadwater Saloon Snowpeak-basecamp.gif Snowpeak Basecamp
Subaqueous small.gif Subaqueous Mermaid Cove Rainbow-rising small.gif Rainbow Rising  
Roperian Garbage Patch Tragedy-reef.gif Tragedy Reef Rainbow-rubble small.gif Rainbow Rubble
Plastic-island.gif Plastic Island Rainbow-ridge small.gif Rainbow Ridge

Tables showing different views of these lists can be seen below:

Other Types of Fish[edit]

Multi-Pole Fish[edit]

Multi-Pole Fish are special fish that require multiple maxed poles and liquid gold in order to catch. NOTE: On the All of the Fish page, these fish will show up under their respective island locations. IE: Serpentine Fish multi-pole fish will show up under its habitat Krakken Rocks.

For a list of all Multi-Pole Fish, see Multi-Pole Fish

Rare Prize Fish[edit]

Rare Prize Fish as listed in-game, referred to by the players as simply Rare Fish are currently 8 special and most difficult fish to catch in-game. As of the recent June 2018 revised All of the Fish page, they are shown towards the bottom of the list. Prior to that page being revised, they were not included in the games total. Which is why it used to reflect being able to have more than 100% of fish caught (ie: 100.78% prior to change). They are as follows:

One-Day Fish[edit]

“One-Day” Fish (Limited Time Fish) are special fish that are only generally available during a specified time period. They are limited by their availability. After the specified period, the Limited Time fish can still be caught, but only by by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold at the island of Waterport.

For a list of all Limited Time Fish, see Limited Time Fish.

Mythical Night Fish[edit]

Mythical Night Fish are special fish that can only be caught on Night Fishing trips. Each fish is rumoured to have been spotted in a single location and Night Fishing groups must spend time analysing each fish before they have a chance at catching one.

For a list of all Mythical Night Fish, see Mythical Night Fish

Open Seas Fish[edit]

Open Seas and “Shuttle” Fish are special fish that require you to travel somewhere in order to find them. Currently there are 2 trolling fish which require a Trolling Net activated to be able to make the catch. These 2 Open Seas which require a Trolling Net to catch show up under the “Rare Prize” Fish on the 'All of the Fish' page. The rest of the Open Seas Fish will be found under “Shuttle” Fish and are obtained shuttling between Farovia and Roperia which unequips the trolling net. Currently the 3 "Shuttle" fish are Diving Eel Fish; Flying Blackhawk Fish; and Parasail Fish.

For a list of all Open Seas Fish, see Open Seas Fish

Tournament Shark Fish[edit]

In-game these will show up under 'Others' in some Untitled / Un-named category listing. There are currently 2 Tourny fish which can only be caught during Tournament casts, one for each region of Farovia and Roperia. They are Farovian Tournament Shark Fish and Roperian Tournament Shark Fish.