Cosmo Cream Chum

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Description: FLYING CHUM (Use with caution)
This is the best chum for your Mission Recovery pole... nobody can resist these light, sweet chunks of Farovia’s favorite freeze-dried ice cream! This is a flying chum, meant for Monsoon Lagoon only. Use with caution.

Cosmo Cream Chum
Farovian Chum
Cosmo-cream chum.gif
Cost (Refund) 200 (200)
Chum Loss 60%
Attraction 8%
Retail Outlet Fishertonville

Cosmo Cream Chum is one of three 'FLYING CHUM' availabe to fish at Monsoon Lagoon. The other two are Pretzel Chum and Ambrosia Chum.

NOTE: This chum can only be used while Fly fishing in Monsoon Lagoon, however one must travel back to Fishertonville to be purchased from the Farovian Air and Space Team - Fishertonville Hangar.

Cosmo Cream Chum doubles the chance of attracting the following fish:

Pancho Fish
Gleel Fish
Buzzy Fish